01. You'd better [brush] your hair; it's a real mess.
02. He dipped the [brush] in the paint.
03. If you need to fix your hair, there is a [brush] on the table next to the bed.
04. Sophie uses different sizes and thicknesses of [brushes] when she is doing a painting.
05. I used a steel [brush] to scrub the rust off my bicycle.
06. The teacher handed out paint and [brushes] to all the children and told them to paint a picture of their family.
07. Make sure you [brush] your teeth before you go to bed.
08. The barber wiped the freshly cut hair off the back of his neck with a small [brush].
09. [Brush] the top of the pie with a little bit of butter.
10. He [brushed] the leaves off the windshield of his car.
11. The proud mother [brushed] away tears as she watched her daughter get married.
12. The girl screamed with fright when she felt something [brush] against the back of her leg.
13. The tree branches [brushed] against the side of the car as we drove by.
14. Her hair [brushed] against his cheek as she leaned forward to kiss him.
15. The student [brushed] by his friends and ran into the classroom.
16. After his [brush] with death, the young boy became a very careful driver.
17. The young man has had a number of [brushes] with the law and seems to be headed for serious problems.
18. The deer ran across the meadow and disappeared into the [brush].
19. There are lots of bird nests in the [brush] around the lake.
20. She gave her coat a good [brushing] to clean off the dirt.
21. A Chinese proverb notes, "Learn to handle a writing [brush] and you'll never handle a begging bowl."
22. Christopher Fry wrote, "Between our birth and death we may touch understanding, as a moth [brushes] a window with its wing.
23. Goats are more common than cows in mountainous countries because goats can survive well by eating grass and other [brush].
24. Mao Zedong didn't [brush] his teeth; he rinsed his mouth with tea and chewed the leaves.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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